What a Work from Home Job Is and How to Create or Find One

what is work from home jobs

Working from home can be the perfect gig for people tired of spending time, money, and gas commuting or feeling like they would be more productive from home than in an office. However, many might be wondering “what is work from home jobs” anwyay, unsure of what qualifies as a work from home job, often associating it with strictly freelance work.

A work from home job is any position that allows someone to work at their own residence, usually online. Types of work from home jobs include contract work and remote work (part-time and full-time work). People who launch their own business often work from home, as well.

In the remainder of this article, we will discuss how these various kinds of work from home jobs differ, where to find them, or how to go about creating one. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the right type of job for you.

A work from home job is simply considered as any job where you do not go into an office or other building to work. It means you stay at home, do your job from there, and get paid without leaving your home.

There are basically three different kinds of work from home jobs.

  • Remote work You are employed by a company but never go into an office, yet they still pay you.
  • Contract work. You and a company where an agreed-upon amount of money and work is in place; this is also called freelance work.
  • Starting your own business. This is the ever-coveted idea of making your idea come to life and making home your HQ.

Types of Work from Home Jobs

As mentioned, there are three main types of work from home jobs you can choose from. Depending on your work ethic and goals, the one you prefer to go after may differ.

Remote Work

With this type of work, you are employed with a company for either salary or hourly compensation.

This job could be in really any industry, although many are related to sales and marketing. Typically, there will be set hours you have to work during the week and certain things that the company has outlined for you to do.

This work from home category is referred to as “remote” work because it is like a traditional job in a remote setting.

However, rather than working in an office within set hours of a day, you work from home with a similar schedule, usually working online and with other digital resources to perform your duties. While this option offers you some control over your job, it’s not as flexible as other work from home positions.

Contractor Work

Contract work, sometimes referred to as freelance work, is traditionally done between you and a company that would like to pay you for your services.

Services could range from writing and social media management to being a virtual assistant. What work you actually do is up to you and the skills you possess. Your schedule is also up to you to create.

Due to these characteristics, contract work is technically a form of “self-employment,” at least, you would qualify for those types of taxes.

It is an excellent alternative to standard remote work since it offers the stability of having a job, at least after securing a contract, while still working on your own schedule.

Entrepreneurial Work

This type of work is the true form of self-employment—where you don’t necessarily work for any company besides yourself.

This could mean that you create products or a service that you sell to individuals or groups. The possibilities are endless when creating your own business; just be sure all legalities are in place.

Entrepreneurial work may not provide the stability one wants—at least when starting out—but could be very lucrative if you’re willing to put in the effort and time.

Not sure what kind of company you should start? Here are some typical high-paying work from home jobs you can either pursue as a contractor or launch a business for.

Where to Find Work from Home Jobs

It is not always easy to simply Google “work from home jobs.” The first thing to pop up may consist of taking surveys or downloading apps that may or may not be scams.

However, there are great sites that are dedicated to finding contract or remote work!

How to Find Contract Work

Simply researching for freelancing jobs on Google could also point you in the right direction. These freelancing sites below do offer added payment protection, so getting scammed is out of the question, which is always a nice benefit.

  • Upwork is the leading freelancing site in the industry. You can easily sign up and create a profile. Then, you can send proposals to any job posts that look interesting to you. If organizations or individuals hiring for the job like your skills or profile, they can hire you through a contract that you both must agree to.
  • Freelancer works similarly to Upwork – and seems to have some larger companies as clients, such as Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Nasa, to name a few.

There are plenty more sites like these two. And there are others, dedicated to specific fields. Just make sure you read reviews of real users before you trust any platforms with your job search.

How to Find Remote Work

Remote work could be a little more challenging to find since searching on Glassdoor or Indeed will often result in lower-level jobs requiring you to be in the office or store to work. The work from home jobs they do have on their sites tend to be survey “jobs” or other similar ones.

LinkedIn is actually the best way to find work from home jobs due to the number of professionals on the site.

If you create a unique LinkedIn profile, you will be able to search for jobs on the platform. When doing so, just make sure you set the location to the remote option, and tons of options will pop up for you.

LinkedIn may also be a way to connect with higher-ups in companies and showcase your skills. Then, if their companies are hiring work from home individuals, they may think of you first. Networking is a great way to get ahead on finding jobs to work from home.

Not sure how to narrow down the list of the best job options available? Forbes has a list of great companies that have historically hired remote workers here.

How to Create a Work from Home Job

what is work from home jobs

Although contracting work is essentially creating a work from home job due to the level of “self-employment” involved, this section will cover how you can create an entire business. If you have always had that one great talent or have always been incredibly crafty, this may be the perfect route for you.

The entrepreneurial option of working from home will always take a lot more work and be a lot riskier, but with that risk is a high reward opportunity.

Make sure that you are ready for long nights, early mornings, and more stress than usual before you jump into creating a business. It will be hard at first, but it may very well be worth it.

Because there are so many industries that you could create a business in, it is impossible to cover a step by step blueprint here that will work for everyone. However, the following general tips can help get you started.


Building a following first is a great way to get a head start. Before launching your business, you will want to have a good network of people in your business’ industry and people who would use your service or purchase your product. This will help your company launch be far more successful. Along with this, you will want to start working on social media for your business.

Business Planning

You will also want to start creating a business plan—a thorough one at that. There are great templates out there on the internet that can help you create a good business plan and walk you through each of the parts you will need to include. This will also help you figure out your startup costs, legal fees, and streamline your business idea before launching.


Once you figure out precisely what you want your business to be like, you can start branding; this means getting a logo, designing packaging, a website, etc. This is the fun part where you really get to show your creativity. This will also be the first impression of your business that others see, so make sure it is appealing to others and yourself.

Preparing for Launch

Once you have all the before launch pieces figured out, it is time to start creating your product or website for launch. This means gaining inventory, advertising, and setting a launch date. Depending on the industry your business is in, it may involve more steps.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of work from home job you are looking to get into, there will be risks and benefits. With so many people having to stay home during the pandemic, now is a better time than ever to start, though. Hopefully, this article helped you answer the question what is work from home jobs and how to find one or create one. Best of luck!

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