How to Get Social Media Manager Jobs in 2022 (Do This!)

how to get social media manager jobs

Do you want to work remotely and have a knack for branding? Social media manager jobs may be for you – keep reading to find out what they are and how to get social media manager jobs this year!

What is a social media manager job?

A social media manager job is when you are responsible for managing the social media of a company or brand.

You manage the online presence by creating a strategy, putting out good content, analyzing usage data, facilitating customer service, and managing campaigns and projects.

A social media manager is a vital role in any brand. The social media manager can almost fully control the image of the brand. 

Social media managers may carry out any or all of the following tasks:

  • Create a budget for social media usage
  • Coach staff such as social media assistants
  • Set targets to increase customer engagement
  • Set goals to increase brand awareness
  • Recommend improvements
  • Research current social media trends and adjust their strategy accordingly
  • Monitor, track, analyze, and report on social media performance using tools provided by the social medias
  • Create a community on social media by responding to posts and developing engaging discussions
  • Conduct research on the audience
  • Create relationships with influencers to represent the brand
  • Brainstorm and implement competitions and campaigns to advertise their brand
  • Create multimedia content across multiple platforms
  • Use scheduling tools to create posts at the right time of day and have back up posts ready
  • Manage the day-to-day tasks on all social media channels such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Adjust content to fit each different social media

What does a social media manager do daily?

how to get social media manager jobs

Being a social media manager usually creates a very busy day. This schedule will help you prepare for how to get social media manager jobs and stay on them successfully for the long term. However, the scope of the social media manager might be full-time or part-time, depending on your agreements and contracts.

Many social media managers start their day at the office, or at home, around 8:30.

First, you’ll check all your voicemails and emails from the night prior. If you’re working with people in different time zones, they are likely to reach out to you when you’re out of office. Plus, social media is a 24/7 game!

Next, if you’re managing a team, you’ll overlook all the work that the team has done and give feedback. 

If you don’t have a team to make posts, you will create and schedule all your posts now. You’ll want to tailor each post to your target audience, which will vary based on each platform and niche. You’ll schedule your posts to the optimum time based on engagement research you’ve previously done. 

You will also respond to people on social media.

After lunch, you’ll check your analytics. You will focus on sentiment and brand positioning, revenue, and engagement rate. You will use this data to know which strategies work and which don’t.

What is the salary of a social media manager?

Social media managers make around $55,000 a year on average. 

As a senior social media manager your average salary will be $82,000 a year.

You might have to do some unpaid labor in the form of internships to get your foot in the door. And then you will land jobs with smaller brands, which will potentially only be able to pay beginner fees (not always, though).

Eventually, you will work your way up to working with bigger brands and your salary will increase.

Social media managers also get bonuses if campaigns go well.

Social media manager salaries are also on the rise, so it is smart to know how to get social media manager jobs in this year and moving forward (we’ll show you in a minute!).

Is social media manager a good job?

A social media manager is a great job for a certain number of skill sets.

If you’re creative and constantly think outside the box, this can be a good job for you. Social media managers need to create unique campaigns and content to drive engagement and ultimately revenue for their brand. 

You need to have an artistic vision to be a social media manager and understand branding. As a social media manager, you will, in many cases, be creating the online brand of your organization. In other cases, you will simply do social media posts as per agreement.

Anyhow, you need to have a knack for creating a cohesive theme that is captivating and reflects your organization. If you aren’t a visual person, this might not be the job for you.

You also need to be a bit of a people person. You’ll be interacting with a lot of people, whether it’s online, on phone calls, or in meetings. You need to have very strong communication skills since communicating is one of the key aspects of your job.

As a social media manager, you need to be highly organized. You’ll have a busy schedule and a lot of different things to juggle, especially if you manage a team. If you always have a planner on you, or you like using highlighters when you take notes, you’ll fit right in!

Although social media managers are creative, they are also data-driven and implement analytics in order to create the best campaigns possible. If you are intrigued by how social media works or have a data-driven brain, this could be a good job for you.

How do I become a social media manager?

There are a couple of recommended steps in learning how to get social media manager jobs.

First, gain experience in social media marketing strategy. Just because you grew up with social media doesn’t mean you automatically understand how branding works. A lot of work goes into building a cohesive brand and creating campaigns.

Talk to people whose feeds you admire and see how they curate them. Or reach out to any small businesses or entrepreneurs you know and learn the ropes. Ask them questions and see how exactly they do it.

Next, either earn a degree or gain relevant work experience. Not all positions require a degree, but a lot of employers prefer people who do have a degree. Some degrees you might get include communications, public relations, advertising, marketing, or business.

There are also internships, volunteer positions, and entry-level positions where you can gain experience. Whether you went to school or not, keep up with free courses online to stay ahead of the trends.

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Now, you’ll want to build your own social media following to prove that you have what it takes. Find your own personal brand and stay consistent. Use analytics to improve engagement, shares, comments, and likes. 

Create a cohesive feed that is instantly recognizable as yours so that any brands looking to hire you know that you can build a beautiful, recognizable feed.

Next, learn how to use analytics. Analytics are at the heart of all social media campaigns. They measure how well you’re doing and tell you about follower trends, such as what they respond to most and what gets the greatest reach.

The main analytics you’ll be looking at include impressions, comments, shares, likes, clicks, page views, and followers. If impressions are high but engagement is low, that’s a sign that something can be improved.

Analytics will help you create campaign strategies. Each platform has different tools to analyze your performance, but most show the same information. Small businesses and entrepreneurs tend to use Google Analytics but there are also larger platforms for bigger brands.

Lastly, create a portfolio to show potential employers. Keep a portfolio of your best performing posts from your personal accounts, non-profit work, or freelance work you’ve done.

Where to find social media manager jobs?

There are a lot of places to find social media manager jobs. You can look on LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork and other general job searching sites like that.

Or, you can turn to a more specific website such as This will definitely help you prepare for, find and get social media manager jobs.

The site was founded by Annie Jones. She is a single mom who makes over $700 each week working for brands on Facebook and Twitter.

Brands submit the jobs they need done and you can pick jobs out of that database (you can start the jobs the very day you pick them!).

You can work from home when you choose if you decide to use this service.

Final note on how to get social media manager jobs

how to get social media manager jobs

Being a social media manager is a great job for someone who is both creative and data driven. 

If you have excellent communication skills and love building cohesive feeds and brands, this could be a great job for you!

You can also do it from the comfort of your own home which is perfect if you are a stay-at-home mom or similar. Or maybe you want to work remotely so you can travel the world!

Once you gain some experience and create a portfolio, it will facilitate how to get social media manager jobs. 

Lastly, if you’re not sure if social media manager jobs are for you, here’s our complete list of easy jobs from home that you can try!

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