25 Easy Jobs Online from Home That You Can Start Now

Many people want a job that they can do from home, and easy jobs online from home are your best bet when choosing the number of tasks you can do on your schedule. And as the internet revolution expands, businesses hiring remote workers are increasing every day. The best part is that most of these jobs don’t require any experience to start. You can learn how to do them with free or paid resources online.

The following list includes legitimate online jobs you can earn real money from. They can all give you a decent side income and even scale up to provide a full-time living at or above the average American wage.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketer

In affiliate marketing, you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products and services. While you can apply this money-making tactic through blogging and other long-term crafts, you can start earning immediately with Clickbank even without a website.

All you need to do is introduce products you like to potential customers on social media, on a blog or through ads. When convinced that the product can help them, they can buy it through you, facilitating a commission in the process.


This job requires you to turn audio files to text. You’ll only need a good headset, a laptop, and of course, internet access. After some training like in this free Udemy course, you can get clients and start working immediately.

You can start earning from these trustworthy transcription sites:

Data Entry Specialist

Data entry specialists are in demand across many industries. In this job, you’ll add, edit, and verify electronic data. Depending on your skills, you can find data entry jobs just by searching on Google and data entry service sites.

If interested in becoming a data entry specialist, check out this beginner tutorial video first: https://youtu.be/hfXbvSknBqU

Product Tester

Getting paid to use products is an easy and also incredibly fun way to make money. You’ll find product testing jobs on sites paid by companies to source feedback for their products.

Companies that can hire you to do product testing include:

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is a valuable skill that could earn you good money well into the future. Many companies need advertisements, flyers, and other graphic content and are looking to outsource or add someone in their in-house team.

You don’t need a formal education to become a graphic designer. You can take this Graphic Design Specialization course for free on Coursera, and you can easily find jobs with the certificate.

Social Media Marketer

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If you have a thriving following on any social media site, you are a social media influencer. This status enables you to do marketing for businesses and earn from it.

Even if you don’t yet have a following, you can still do it with engaging content and attract companies who want you to promote their products. You can do this on Youtube and other social sites like Facebook and Instagram. This is one of the most popular and easy jobs online from home that you’ll find these days.


Many companies are looking for financial record services online. So if you’re good at tracking numbers, bookkeeping is a great online opportunity for you.

After learning bookkeeping fundamentals, you can apply for job postings on freelancing sites or ask potential clients to hire you. This free bookkeeping course at Accounting Coach is a useful resource.

Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator analyzes internet information and rates it according to relevance and accuracy to a specific question a user may ask. This position may require a high school diploma.

If you pass a qualification test and finish the paperwork successfully, you can immediately get started. Appen, Lionbridge, and Raterlabs are the hiring companies for search engine evaluators.

Virtual Assistant

If you can handle a physical secretary job, virtual assistance is an excellent work from home opportunity for you. You might be tasked to do basic things like scheduling activities and customer support, among others.

Commonly, no formal education is required to land this job. However, knowing the ins and outs helps you pave a successful path of your own. The VA Handbook is a helpful resource for that.

Chat Agent

Online chat services are in-demand as businesses strive to personalize interactions on their websites. One way you can provide these services is by becoming a chat agent.

With an internet connection and an understanding of the industry you’re working with, you can land online chat jobs available on freelancing sites. You can start working at CrowdChat to gain experience and move on to other jobs.

Internet Research Specialist

Many individuals and businesses need research. When they can’t do it on their own due to other responsibilities, they outsource researchers. After completing a reputable internet research course, or if you have prior experience, you can easily win researching jobs on freelancing sites.

Freelance Writer

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When you’re searching for easy jobs online from home, do note that many individuals and businesses outsource research papers, blog posts, landing pages, and other content that needs writing.

If you like writing, have an internet connection, and are ready to learn, this will be a great opportunity for you. You can get freelancing writing work from job boards or by cold-pitching potential clients. You can also sell your writing services on places like Upwork.com.

Medium Writer

Becoming a Medium writer is another way you can start earning money online. On Medium, no one hires you, but you can get paid for the content you post based on your views. You can choose a topic that you like writing about and people love reading so that you can earn those views. The more content you post, the higher you earn.


If you have a knack for grammar, editing is an online job you might enjoy. Although some jobs might call for a journalism background or related fields, you can make it without formal qualifications. You can learn how to become a freelance editor and start applying for gigs right away.


If you are fluent in another language other than English, you can earn good money as a translator. You can get hired by translating service companies or freelance for clients in other industries.

You don’t require a translating course since you are already fluent in a language. However, some clients may need additional skills, such as transcription.

Website Designer

Although it’s a relatively simple process, many people hire others to design their websites. So, you can earn from home by providing these services.

Learning how to work with content management systems like WordPress is vital for a website designer, but you don’t need formal education. You may want to check this web designing guide first, though.

Stock Photographer

If you know how to take good photos and some are already on your computer, stock photography might be another great work-from-home option for you. Many businesses need quality visuals for their content creation activities. If you can provide those, check out this guide on how to earn money from stock photos to get started.

Video Editor

With the rise in video content demand, video editors are also required. Whether you’ll be working for online content creators or fulfilling your film working dreams from home, this job will provide you with immense freedom.

Check out this video on how to make money online video editing: https://youtu.be/bfLBmmviP7M

Voice Over Artist

If you get compliments on your voice, becoming a voice-over artist may be a fantastic online job for you. You can read scripts for films, audiobooks, and other videos. You can set up a freelance voice over artist profile on Fiverr to offer services, or you can join professional voice acting sites like Voice 123 and BunnyStudioVoice.


Dropshipping enables you to sell products without keeping stock. Third-parties like Shopify will take care of the stock, deliveries, and a listing platform. Dropshipping is an easy way to participate in eCommerce. Shopify also includes an in-depth guide on starting a dropshipping business.

Virtual Recruiter

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Since many companies hire remote workers, they also hire virtual recruiters to get the best people in their job positions. Although you can thrive without any formal education, an associate or bachelor’s degree will make it easier. You can get virtual recruiting work on online job sites.

Travel Agent

Especially if you live in a tourist hot spot or have experienced traveling the world, becoming a travel agent from home is fairly easy. You can get hired by online travel agencies or offer freelance services straight to clients. But first, learn how to become a travel agent from home to start getting customers.

Online Tutor

Online education jobs include tutoring. If you have a particular certification to demonstrate your expertise, becoming an online tutor in that subject is an excellent idea. Studypool and Tutor.com are two places you can be hired to tutor. You can also find more work on normal job boards like Upwork and special ones like GigEd.

Cryptocurrency Trader

As more people embrace Cryptocurrency, trading has become a lucrative online job for many. Whether you’re experienced in the market or are ready to learn, you can grab this opportunity.

In the following video, you can learn how to become a cryptocurrency trader and investor: https://youtu.be/3uiM0CJgU8g

Online Juror

Attorneys need opinions on their case before the actual court session. Getting paid to act as a juror for mock trials is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

The following sites can pay you to be a juror from home:

Final Note on Easy Jobs Online From Home

Working from home at a pace you like is one of the easiest ways to earn money. While some online jobs are tough to handle, the above are some of the easiest and most lucrative types. Choose one that fits your needs and preferences, learn what’s required, and start earning!

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