Are Work From Home Jobs Legitimate?

If you’re looking to work from home, you’re probably wondering are work from home jobs legitimate? You’ve most likely heard horror stories of people getting scammed when looking for remote jobs. It’s good to do research to know how you can avoid being the main character in your own horror story.

Work from home jobs are legitimate, but there are scams wherever you go. There are several websites, like Upwork and Indeed, where you can find remote jobs. Generally, while some positions on job sites are legit, some of the jobs listed might not be.

Working from home can be a very good idea for someone needing flexible work hours or unable to work in a traditional environment. It’s important, however, to do your research on finding a legitimate job, so keep reading so you know what to look for.

What to Look for in a Legitimate Work From Home Job

Looking for remote jobs can be scary. If you apply for the wrong job, you could be scammed, leading to your bank account being hacked or identity fraud. That doesn’t mean it isn’t something you should consider, but it’s always important to be alert of any red flags when searching for remote jobs.

A good thing to do to ensure that you will be getting a legit job is to work with bigger companies like Amazon and U-Haul or any other well-known company that offers remote customer service jobs. Make sure to only apply through their official websites so you won’t get wrapped into a scam.

Simple work from home jobs to get are data entry or customer service jobs. These are quite common, however, since there are so many, you are more likely to run into scams.

How to Know if it is a Scam


If you’re asked to give a fee for a background check or anything like that, back out immediately. No legitimate job would ever ask you to pay for anything – especially before you get the job. If they do, chances are they are just trying to get some money or access to your bank information so they are able to hack it.

They could also just ask for personal information like your social security number, bank information, or address. Though this shouldn’t come by any surprise, that is definitely a scam. Any legit remote job wouldn’t need this information upfront.

They might need the last four digits of your social security number for background checks and tax forms. Other information might be required, but this won’t be until after you’ve been interviewed and hired by a legitimate company.

One thing that could help you in figuring out the legitimacy of the job pretty easily is checking the reviews for the company. A quick Google search or checking the reviews on the website where you found the job is one of the best ways to know if the job is legit. The first thing someone will do after being scammed is warning others through reviews.

Also be aware that if the email is just a normal email with “” at the end, there’s a big chance that they could be scamming you. Most legitimate companies will have their company name where “gmail” would usually be.

Don’t stop there. If you think of anything else that could possibly give you more answers, it’s important that you do it. You could ask for their website and review it carefully. If there are misspellings, you should definitely question the company’s legitimacy. Furthermore, always ask questions and trust your instincts because that could be what saves you.

Using the Best Job Listing Search Engines

Best Job Listing Search Engines

In current times, technology fuels job searches. You can find everything just by tapping a few words into Google or in this case, job listing search engines. Yes, there are search engines in which you can look for jobs including remote jobs. They can help you find the right job for you, and they can also help you wing out the scams.


Indeed is one of the most well-known websites used for job searching. You can find almost any type of job through Indeed including remote jobs. They also have other jobs too though so you have to be specific in the type of job you are looking for. Indeed has also provided an article which shows ways to avoid scams on their website which is very helpful. Click HERE to view.


Upwork is a job listing search engine for anyone looking for remote jobs and freelancing. Unlike Indeed, Upwork only provides you with remote jobs which makes searching for jobs much easier. In terms of the legitimacy of the job listings, every website will have scams. However, they do have a feature that shows if the payment is verified. Those jobs are safer than those that aren’t verified.


LinkedIn is one of the top networking websites that can help get your name out there to others that can help you get a job. Besides networking, they do have job listings to help you find any job including remote jobs.


Glassdoor is a very useful website as it allows you to review companies you have worked for, which goes back to what was said earlier. Reviews can be a sure way to avoid most scams. It also provides you with salary and benefit information which other websites do not. Most importantly, you can use it to find work from home jobs.


Problogger is one of the more unique websites in this list as it is a more limited search engine. It only offers blog-related freelancing jobs which can be useful if that is what you are looking for. It gives you a more specific way to search, providing you with a bigger chance to find one perfect job for you. You can also find articles on Problogger’s website providing you with answers for any question you might have.

For more websites you might want to consider using, click HERE.

The Best Legit Companies to Work For From Home

work from home jobs

If you want to go the safest route, that would of course be working with well-known companies through their official websites to avoid scams. These jobs are usually customer service jobs and data entry jobs.


Everyone knows about Amazon. It is one of the most well-known online retail websites where you can buy almost anything. Through Amazon, you can get customer service jobs, but they also have a few other jobs to fill like sales, marketing, HR, and many more. Look for jobs HERE.


Philips is a well-known consumer hardware and software company that you have probably heard about at one point. They offer customer advocate/customer complaint roles at their company which might be of interest for you. Look for jobs HERE.


U-Haul is a moving company that can provide you with trucks to assist you in moving large things like furniture. You might wonder what use would you be from home, for a moving company, but they are actually looking for customer service jobs as well as sales and reservations. Look for jobs HERE.

Are Work From Home Jobs Legitimate?

When searching for work from home jobs, you have to be careful to not fall for any scams that are looking for their next victim. It’s important to always work with legit companies that give no signs of scamming you. Always start with your critical thinking and do some research before going any further with a potential job offer.

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